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12 Reasons Why Grandfathers Are Better Than Fathers – Dudes To Dads Ep 101

For episode 101, Jason’s father Steve joins in on the podcast to discuss 12 reasons why grandfathers are better than fathers.  This list assumes the grandparents on not the primary caretaker of the child nor do they take care of them very regularly.  The list is really about the grandparents that get to see their grandkids ever so often.

1) They get to feed them sugar and treats and not feel guilty about it.  You also can include fast food on this one.  Grandparents don’t care if the kids eat some bad stuff.  It’s more about enjoying life at that point.

2) They can focus more on the fun.  They don’t have to deal with school, chores, or day to day activities.  when grandparents are around, it’s about fun.

3) They have plenty of time.  They aren’t usually in a hurry to get to the next thing nor are they typically really busy.

4) They are smart.  They seem to know so much about the world.  They know facts and statistics.  Even when they really don’t know what they are talking about, they give the impression they do.  Kids eat it up.

5) They know history.  For some, they really were alive during the events grandkids learn in school.  It can be facinating for a kid to hear a story about being in the war, or when the man went on the moon.  This is the real thing.

6) They tell stories.  Whether the stories are about war or how milk was 10 cents when they were a kid, they can tell stories like nobody else.  In fact they can also tell the same stories over and over.

7) They like giving presents.  While we do podcasts about being present instead of giving presents, grandpa can buy the child’s love with some Pokemon cards or a day at Disneyland.  They like to shower kids with gifts and kids don’t mind that at all.

8) They don’t have to discipline. Bedtime, what? 2nd helping of ice cream?  Talking back?  Grandpa isn’t going to do anything.  He doesn’t want to ruin the short amount of time he has to spend with the kid by making rules.  Enjoy yourself kid!

9) They have money.
 A common parenting tactic is to say “We can’t afford it” often means, we just really don’t want to spend our hard earned money on THAT.  You don’t hear this out of a grandfather’s mouth.  Although he no longer works, there seems to be an endless supply of money when there are fun things to do.

10) They know life is short.
They have done and seen it all.  They also know that time goes by really fast.

11) They can be present.  They aren’t worried about the email from their boss or the pending deal that needs attention.  They can be focused on the present moment and enjoy the experience they are having.  

12) They get to leave.  They don’t have to stick around for all of the moring day to day activities like school, work, stress, and anxiety.  They  get to go back to their house and do whatever they want.  Nobody is messing up their house, eating their food, or blasting music they can’t stand to listen to.

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