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14 Easy & Inexpensive Things You Can Do For Your Wife to Score Points – Dudes To Dads Ep 107

Who doesn’t like banking some extra points? While they may go fast, extra points are good karma. There are tons of lists and ideas out there. I have compiled some of my favorites for this episode 107.  Here are some easy and inexpensive ways to do things for your woman:

1) Buy her flowers – doesn’t need to be roses or expensive. You don’t need to go to a fancy flower shop either. I know near us, you can get a small bouquet for $7-10 at a grocery store. There are all kinds of options. Bring them home from work for no reason other than saying I love you. Want to score even more points, if she works, have then sent to her work. Women love being appreciated in front of other women.

2) Massage her feet – While often guys will use massage as a way to lead to sex, this is a massage just for the sake of it. Get some lotion. I highly recommend coconut oil. It’s inexpensive and feels good in your hands too.

3) Do a chore or task that is usually hers – For example, if she typically makes dinner, let he know in advance that you will be taking care of dinner tonight and you want her to relax. If you can’t make something, order take out. If she handles laundry, do a load of laundry and offer her the break.

4) Write her a hand note – Express how much you appreciate her and love her. Put the note somewhere where she gets to find it.

5) Make a coupon book – If you want to go bigger, make a coupon book of however many things you want, and allow her to cash those in. There are also some cool, cheap ones on Amazon. Just a tip, don’t make them sexual. That’s a coupon book for guys.

6) Take her on a date – This does depend on budget. Line up a babysitter or family if needed. If eating is your thing then fine, but in my opinion it’s more fun to do something fun together: go roller skating, bowling, miniature golf, or just go on a walk. Do something you would have done when you were first dating.

7) Fill her car up with gas – If she has her own car, this a small gesture that she’ll appreciate.

8) Wash and clean her car – If you are not inclined to do this yourself, take it to the car wash. They key for both gas and washing is doing it when she is not around so it’s a surprise.

9) Brush her hair – There is something about the head that just feels really good and women typically enjoy this. While it may be awkward for some to even ask, tell her she has beautiful hair and that you always have wanted to brush it.

10) Get something small at the store she really likes – whether it’s a candy bar, gun, or some small treat. Just tell her you were thinking of her.

11) Get up with the kids and let her sleep in – This may happen more realistically on a weekend. But if she usually takes the kids to school, you could offer to switch for a day. The kids would probably enjoy it as well.

12) Send her a nice text during the day. Be sure to include the heart emoji.

13) Let her choose a “chick flick” to watch together and don’t complain.

14) Express your gratitude for something specific she does – Thank you for being such a great mom to our child. Or thank you so much for making dinner every day. It is really appreciated.

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