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14 Ways to Help Your Wife After The Child is Born – Dudes To Dads Ep 90

The last episode asked the women to take action. With Episode 90 we are now back to our regular scheduled programming and working on dads and what we can do.

14 Ways to Help Your Wife After The Child is Born

1. Have a meeting and divide the labor. Agree on who is doing what.

2. When you get home from work, immediately take the baby from her hands

3. Bring her flowers and tell her they are for being an amazing mom. Include a card.

4. Hire someone to clean the house. If you can’t afford it, you clean it.

5. Give her a spa day. That means massage, facial, nails, hair, whatever. If you can’t afford that, give her a “free day” where she is obligated to do nothing except something she wants to do.

6. Arrange for a babysitter and take her out to dinner. If you can’t afford a sitter, get family or exchange with a friend. There is always someone who would be willing to watch the child.

7. Let her sleep. Most likely she is sleep deprived. If you can do it on a regular basis that is great. Maybe you get up early Saturday mornings so she can sleep in. Have this be a part of the meeting.

8. Let her know she is beautiful. She may not believe it, but it’s important. This may sound something like “It’s so amazing watching you with our child. You are really beautiful.” Do it regularly.

9. Don’t take irrational behavior personally. Her hormones can be crazy, her behavior erratic, and her responses not very friendly. Take it with a grain of salt. Don’t take abuse but also know that it’s some other personality doing the talking for her.

10. Give her a massage (without expecting sex). Rub her feet and if you don’t like that, massage her neck and shoulders.

11. Don’t try to control everything. Something like “why are you giving the baby a bottle right now? or why did you change him if he doesn’t need to be changed? Just bite your lip and don’t say anything.

12. If her love language if gifts, get her one. Something even small like something comfortable to wear, small jewelry, a book, something she likes and understands you were thinking of her.

13. Take pictures and video of your wife with the baby. She will value that for a long time in the future.

14. Being really active with the child. This means spending time, giving affection, and being involved as possible. Women love seeing their man involved.

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