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Entertaining a Toddler Without Electronics – Dudes To Dads Ep 47

A phone or ipad is often what is used to entertain kids at restaurants or other situations where you are waiting.  This episode 47 provides suggestions and tips to entertain toddlers without electronics.  If you don’t have any books or toys to help entertain your toddler. Here are some ways that were referenced from the Art of Manliness:

1) Which Hand? – put a coin or something small in your hand, clap them together and have the toddler try to figure out which hand it is in.

2) I Spy – You find something in the room and say “I spy something green”.  Then the toddler has to try and find what it is that you see.”

3) Riddles – For example: I can be red or green, I grow on a tree and can be made into a sauce.

4) Hunting for shapes – What do you see that is a circle?

5) What is different – Use a pen and paper to draw 4 squares on a paper.  Draw the same thing in 3 squares and then change it a little in the 4th.  Ask them what is different.

6) Who am I – Choose an animal or person and let your kid ask questions to try and figure it out.

7) What’s missing – Put a few things on the table.  Ask them to remember them.  Have them look away.  Take something off and have them then look.  See if they can guess what was removed.

8) Name that tune
– You hum a tune and the have your toddler try to guess what it is.

9) Counting – As the toddler to count (assuming they can) how many of something there are.  For example, how many chairs are at the table

10) Walk outside – …

Can Dads Have It All? – 11 Tips to Balance Work and Life – Dudes To Dads Ep 46

The question of “Can Dad’s Have It All?” is a part of the foundation of why Dudes To Dads was founded.  We want to be good fathers, husbands, sons, employees, and good at every other role we play.  In this episode we share some tips as well as discuss how other people are doing it.  Jason mentions the Time article of 7 CEOs and how they find balance.

According to a 2011 paper by the Families and Work Institute (FWI) titled The New Male Mystique: for dual income families, 60% of working fathers versus 47% of working mothers reported experiencing work-family conflict.

The Times article also discuss that father’s often regret missing crucial moments (birth, graduations, etc.) and weighted them equally to less important moments like games, events, etc. Their advice was to not miss the crucial ones.

A 2013 Pew Research Study on working families found 46% of fathers reported they don’t think they spend enough time with their children versus 23% of mothers. Some other stats were that 40% of working mothers and 34% of working fathers say they always feel rushed.

Even though fathers have tripled the amount of time they spend with their kids since 1965, we are still feeling like it isn’t enough.  Working mothers spend about twice as much time with their children as working fathers do (13.5 hours per week for mothers in 2011, compared with 7.3 hours for fathers).

Here are 11 Tips For Dads to Balance Work and Life:

  1. Take inventory – establish what your goals and priorities are with both work and life
  2. get organized – track your time, know where your time is currently being spent
  3. schedule the time with family or kids
  4. be flexible
  5. drop time wasting activities (television, social media)
  6. have family dinners
  7. take each kid out

10 Reasons Why Family Traditions Are Important – Dudes To Dads Ep 45

Our friend Kevin joins us once again to discuss the importance of family traditions.  We identify that there are a few different types of traditions:  Family, Personal, Religious, Holiday, and Cultural.  We also discuss what traditions are and how they are often practices or beliefs which are passed down from generation to generation ie: parents to children.  Jason provides an example of a child in his daughter’s kindergarten class who said “Black Friday” was a tradition.  So why are family traditions so important.

Here are 10 reasons why family traditions are so important:

  1. Allows you to create positive memories, last a lifetime
  2. Provides consistency or continuity
  3. Promotes bonding
  4. Creates a sense of identity
  5. Offers belongingness
  6. Expands cultural awareness
  7. Shows commitment
  8. Increases family values – the importance of family
  9. Something to look forward to which is one of the keys to happiness
  10. most of the time they are fun and enjoyable

The website Art of Manliness has a list of 60 Family Tradition Ideas.

Here are our 10 favorite family traditions :

  1. Secret Handshake
  2. Bedtime Stories
  3. Family Game night
  4. Movie night
  5. Saturday/Sunday morning breakfast
  6. Weekly family meeting
  7. Family Service Day – Monthly
  8. Yearly Measurement on the Door Frame
  9. Box of Goals (or set goals)
  10. Daddy Date – child gets to pick what to do

Traditions provides children (and adults) many benefits.  We suggest you create your own traditions within your family.  We also would love to hear about your traditions.  Please feel free to email us or provide comments below.…

19 New Year’s Resolutions for Dads – Dudes to Dads Ep 44

For the first episode of 2016, Alan and Jason are joined by returning special guest Kevin.  Together the guys discuss 19 New Year’s Resolutions for Dads:

1. Spend at more quality time with kids.  Be specific, spend 5 hours per week per child doing activities
2. Spend more quality time with wife – go on dates
3. Go on a family vacation for a week
4. Go on a vacation with your wife for a week
5. Go on an overnight stay once per month with wife
6. I will eat more healthy foods – Maybe weekends are your “cheat days”
7. I will exercise – I will exercise x times per week
8. I will hold weekly family meetings
9. Encourage my kids more – Use positive words when calling or talking to them (words like slow, lazy, etc are not good)
10. Show love for mom in front of the children – both talking and affection
11. Provide kids more affection – Be sure to hug or kiss my kids each day
12. Do something nice for someone outside your family – 4x a year
13. Take a class or learn a new language (especially one the kids might be studying)
14. Do a social media and game app cleanse
15. Learn a new skill: music, painting, dancing.  Get outside your comfort zone.  Don’t be afraid to screw up.
16. Share some of the limited screen time. Learn how to play their favorite video game
17. Have more family fun or game nights
18. Go to more sporting events (does not have to professional)
19. Live within your means, balance the budget – teach kids value

How do you really make these happen?
First you must commit.  Also make the resolutions realistic.  One idea is to focus …

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