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2017 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Marriage – Dudes To Dads Ep 95

Last year we offered resolutions for dads relating to their kids. This time we are offering dads resolutions to implement in their marriage.

1) Go out on dates

2) Give her compliments – not just physical

3) Tell her why you appreciate her – “I really appreciate you making dinner. I know it’s a lot of work”

4) Offer empathy – try to put yourself in her shoes

5) Listen instead of talking

6) Do not criticize her – If you have an issue, say what you do like rather than what you don’t

7) Create technology free time

8) Notice her differences than you as positive – ying/yang, opposites attract

9) If something in the relationship is bothering you, communicate about it in a positive way

10) When she tells you something you don’t like, refrain from reacting. – Realize if you react negatively, she will begin to keep things from you.

11) Do random acts of service for her – clean something

12) Learn to be happier with yourself – Be less dependent on her for your happiness.

13) Kiss more – 10 second kiss

14) Say I love you more…

What To Get Your Kids For The Holidays – Give Them Presence Instead of Presents – Dudes To Dads Ep 94

When you look back at the holidays, what do you remember most? Do you remember the gifts? Do you remember a location you were at or something you did? You remember the celebrations, the activities you did, the people you were around. You create memories. I think I might be able to remember a couple of gits out of all of the years of holidays. And my parents were really generous.

The holidays are typically the time of year when people do spend time together – even when they don’t want to. sometimes they feel like they have to. For many however, it is a wonderful feeling to spend time together. I know I love spending time with my family. I don’t say that because they are listening

While we all can feel the joy of giving and receiving gifts, typically that feeling is short term. When we create memories, they can last forever. We also can take pictures and video to help us remember.

As my wife and I began collecting the thousand of presents delivered from Amazon. Multiple new packages seems to be showing up each day, we recently had a discussion about creating the tradition where we will spend time together (go on a small vacation or getaway with the kids) as their present. While getting some small things may be ok, spending money on “THINGS” seems like such a waste. The kids play with toys for a small amount of time, grow out of their clothes in no time, and simply just have too much stuff. Of course every family is different, but for most

Her and I already agree that for our own birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays we prefer to “do stuff” rather than receive stuff. So we are going to begin introducing this concept …

Alan Thicke, America’s Favorite TV Dad, Dies at 69


Alan Thicke, best known for his role as Jason Seaver on the sitcom “Growing Pains,” passed away on Dec. 13, reportedly while playing hockey with his youngest son.

Thicke was known for both his “classic American dad” role as well as his real life fathering legacy – his role as dad to Robin, Brennan and Carter Thicke. Through multiple interviews and two hilarious books on fatherhood, Thicke has shown that through it all, love for your children is what matters. And maybe a little bit of humor along the way.

Coincidentally, I host a weekly podcast called “Dudes To Dads“. In doing research for a future show, I wanted to get some advice tips from famous people who are dads. Alan Thicke was really the first person that came to mind. I sent him a tweet from my @DadUniv account on Monday, December 12 and he replied that evening.

In a last bit of fathering advice, Alan Thicke tweeted to me at @DadUniv, “Love… then love some more,” answering my ask for his single best piece of dad advice.

Simple isn’t it? Love them with all you have. Love them over and over again. I think this simple piece of last fathering advice from America’s favorite dad is the most important piece of advice you need to be a successful dad. What a beautiful legacy to leave to the world.

He will be greatly missed. Our hearts and prayers are with his family.…

55 Tips for New Dads – The Ultimate Guide For New Fathers – Ep 93

For episode 93, we offer 55 Tips For New Dads. You don’t have to go on this journey without information. Study these tips and be prepared for the road ahead of you.

1. Get sleep when you can
2. Talk about expectations before the baby arrives – expectations for the baby and each other
3. Buy butt paste for the baby – Use it at every changing
4. Put your baby at an angle, not flat….while sleeping, resting, eating
5. You may have trouble bonding with the baby for a while…could be months.
6. Go on dates with your wife – You or she mnay not even want to, but do it anyway
7. Always have wipes handy
8. Always carry an extra diaper, or two
9. Join a dad’s group such as Dudes To Dads – talk about issues you are facing
10. Hold your child as much as you can
11. Don’t judge her day against yours if she stays home with the baby – You will not win
12. When your child smiles at you for the first time, you won’t believe how amazing it feels
13. When they say “dad” or “dadda” for the first time, you’ll wish you could bottle up how that feels. It’s even better than the smile.
14. Get to know your pediatrician – You will probably be calling them a few times even when you don’t need to
15. If people want to give you used clothing take it. They grow out of things so fast.
16. Try to get yourself in the pictures and video with your kids – We often take pictures and videos of them but try to get yourself in the shot. It’s much more meaningful down the road.
17. Create memories rather than getting gifts
18. …

Focus On The Good Things Your Child Does, Not The Things They Aren’t Doing – Dudes To Dads Ep 92

One of the items in the last episode about fighting depression with gratitude was to switch a negative thought you might have into a positive. I wanted to broaden this concept and apply it to our kids for this episode 92.

It is really important for our children to hear what they are doing right. Focus on the good things your child does, not the things they aren’t doing.

For most of my career, my job was to find the mistakes that companies are making in their online marketing or business operations and fix them. I have trained myself over years and years to find the things that aren’t working. This is a dangerous skill to bring to your personal life. If you are routinely looking at what doesn’t work in your relationships or with your kids, you will continue to find things that don’t work and be focused very much on the negative. Sure it can be helpful to find things not going well and try to fix them, but you are still constantly looking at what is in front of you as broken.

Our kids are not broken. I admit I am guilty of this. For example, in our house when I come home from work, the first things I see are toys, clothes, or other items that are on the floor or not where they are supposed to be. I can’t even count the number of times the first thing out of my mouth is “why is your toy in this room on the floor? Where does your jacket, shoes, backpack, doll, or whatever supposed to go? This is a constant theme in our house. These words may even come out of my mouth before I say “hello” or “how was your day?”

I’m going to guess …

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