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11 Tips To Help You Deal With Aging Parents – Dudes To Dads Ep 117

Watching your parents age isn’t easy. As we have our own children and they grow, we begin to see our own parents aging. The dynamics of the relationship can begin to change. It can also be difficult as to go through this change. For episode 117, we discuss tips to deal with aging parents.

1) Takes things slow – You must have patience and know that things are going to take you a lot longer than you planned. They may move pretty slow so you need to be considerate of that.

2) Be empathetic that change is hard – Whether they need to downsize where they live or go into a home or senior center, change is not easy. Be empathetic to this rather than trying to convince them that everything is going to be so much fun and better.

3) Ask for help – Don’t try to do everything yourself. Call on family members, friends, and even caregivers to assist when they can. If someone needs to be hired or they need more permanent assistance, consider the options.

4) Understand they are just going to forget things – You may find yourself repeating things over and over. It may even be something you just talked about. Realize that their memories are often affected as they age.

5) They may be in denial – They may not want to admit that they need help or that they are getting older. It’s often hard to admit you can’t do things you once did.7

6) Be aware that you may feel angry or scared – These feelings may come up and it’s ok. It’s not easy to deal with seeing them change, roles changing, and dealing with the different type of relationship. They may not be able to do the same things …

Sports Parenting – Interview with Terry Liskevych Ep 116

Terry Liskevych is the President and CEO of The Art of Coaching.  The Art of Coaching helps teach coaches how to effectively manage and run their teams.

1) First, we discuss Terry’s background, how he got started, and some of his career highlights, etc.

Here is a little background on Terry:

  • Former Collegiate Volleyball Head Coach
  • The Ohio State Men’s Team – 1975-1976
  • University of the Pacific – Women’s Team – 1976-1984
  • Oregon State University – Women’s Team – 2005-2015
  • Took college teams to seven final fours
  • Collegiate Coach of the Year – 1983
  • PAC-12 Coach of the Year – 2014
  • Former USA Women’s Volleyball National & Olympic Coach – 1985-1996
  • International Coach of the Year 1995
  • Two adult kids – Mark & Krista – both played several youth sports and both played soccer in HS and College

2) We talk about what ages are appropriate to get kids into sports.  Should it be competitive?

3) Terry talks about multiple sports and the Pros / Cons on each

4) The reality of competition and playing at a higher level

5) Also, he talks about recruiting and or the process of getting into college sports.  He has some tips for parents of children in high school who are thinking about playing in college.

6) 5 Tips To Be an Effective Sports Parent
A) It’s about them
B) Have fun
C) Learning Skills
D) Support – unconditional skills
E) 1%…

How To Teach Your Child Emotional Intelligence – Dudes To Dads Ep 115

For episode 115 we explore the ever important topic of emotional intelligence.  According to Wikipedia – Emotional Intelligence (or EQ, emotional quotient) is the capability of individuals to recognize their own, and other people’s emotions, to discern between different feelings and label them appropriately, to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior, and to manage and/or adjust emotions to adapt environments or achieve one’s goal(s).

While some schools have begun to teach EQ, they still primarily focus on IQ. Here are a couple ways to strengthen their EQ:

1) Teach them there are different emotions: happiness, sadness, fear, anger, surprise, and disgust.

2) What does each of the feelings look like? Sound like? You could show pictures of facial expressions or do them yourself.

3) Have them recognize these emotions within themselves. When do they feel this way? When have they felt this way in the past?

4) Talk about your own feelings. We often avoid talking about our feelings thinking we are protecting our children.

5) Recognize and explore feelings in different places. Talk to them about how they feel when they are at home or at school. How do they feel when they go to a specific place.

6) Allow them to express themselves. You getting upset when they are scared, or minimizing a situation they are really mad about does not help. Allow them to express their emotions.

7) Show empathy / teach empathy – We can’t teach it if we don’t do it ourselves. It’s one of the most important skills of EQ.

8) Teach them how to problem solve – Not all emotions require problem-solving. Sometimes just feeling the emotion. or “letting it out” is enough. However, if a problem needs to be solved, teach them how to approach it. For example “You are …

30 Best Things About Being a Dad – Dudes To Dads Ep 114

For Episode 114, we explore the 30 Best Things About Being a Dad:

1. You child things you are a superhero – they look up to you

2. When you child does something really well – whether it’s a sport, music, academic – how proud you feel

3. When they make you laugh

4. When you see them help other people

5. When they come to you for advice

6. When they draw you a picture and have emotion to it

7. When you come home from work and they run to see you

8. Their hugs and kisses

9. When you see yourself in them (and it’s something good)

10. Holding hands while walking

11. Reading to them at night

12. Laying down with them at night

13. Watching them sleep

14. Seeing them walk for the first time

15. The first time they say “dad”

16. Playing games with them that you enjoy

17. Playing sports with them that you enjoy

18. When other people tell you how wonderful they are

19. When they come to you for comfort

20. Introducing them to things you enjoy – movies, television, sports, games

21. Experiencing new things together

22. It makes you want to be a better man

23. They think you are a really smart

24.  They think you are really strong

25.  When something you have been trying to instill in them finally clicks

26.  They easily forgive and forget – If you apologize, they are very forgiving

27.  The emotion during a memorable moment – sitting with my family watching fireworks

28.  It teaches you to focus on what really is important

28.  They teach you to slow down and enjoy the moment

29.  Lower chance of depression – studies show

30. You learn to have more …

25 of the Most Annoying Things Young Kids Do – Dudes To Dads Ep 113

While we love our children, there are simply recurring things that happen over and over that are annoying.  For episode 113, we explore 25 of the Most Annoying Things Young Kids Do.

1. Whining

2. They ask so many questions

3. Ask the same questions over and over

4. Saying “dad” (or mom) over and over

5. They are loud

6. Not listening

7. Not cleaning up clothes, costumes, toys – all over the house

8. Leaving small toys in the walkway to step on

9. Finding food somewhere it’s not supposed to be

10. Clothes right next to the laundry basket – they just don’t seem to make it inside it

11. Toothpaste all over the sink

12. Toothpaste lid never on the toothpaste

13. Not finishing their food and then asking for something else

14. Bringing mud into the house on their shoes

15. Singing the same song over and over and over again

16. Watching the same thing over and over and over again

17. They move really slow, especially when you are in a hurry

18. They eat really slow, especially when you don’t

19. They ask for desserts, candy, or anything sugar related constantly

20. They will interrupt you when you are talking

21. They want to constantly use your phone

22. When they play electronics or games, they won’t answer you or even look up.

23. They tell you last minute that they need something for school

24. They will argue something they have no idea about – and say you are wrong

25. They are always there.…

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