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Phone Addiction – Parents Need to Put Their Phones Down – Dudes To Dads Ep 149

This episode is basically a rant about being on your phone: #putyourphonedown

If you are on your phone, you can’t be fully present.

Jason provides a few examples of the situation he witnessed in which people were on their phone, not paying attention to the people in their presence.…

The Best 80s TV Shows to Learn Parenting – Dudes To Dads Ep 148

There are some classic TV shows that provide parents insight and examples that we all have to deal with. While I watched these shows as a kid, seeing them as an adult has provided a new level of respect for the knowledge they share and the family values that are displayed. Here is my list:

1. Family Ties – Parents of 2 girls and one boy, they are hippies (or very liberal) and have political views on the complete opposite side of their son Alex. While there are many differences, they allow their kids to find their own way. They are great coaches and mentors for their kids.

2. Cosby Show – While the real-life Bill Cosby has had some major legal and moral issues, the TV show dad and his wife were raising 5 kids with all kinds tests for parents: cheating in school, boyfriend/girlfriend issues, etc. The parents had deep discussions with their kids and would also be considered strict.

3. Different Strokes – The dynamics of an old white rich guy who adopts two young black kids is just exceptional. Mr. D as he is called, often finds himself in dilemmas. He talks often talks through the situations with love and kindness. is full of wisdom and teachings

4. Webster – Websters parents died and he went to live with his dad’s friend George. Like many, George really didn’t know much about parenting but really loved the boy. You watch him struggle with various topics and ultimately have a very strong bond with the child. Dealt with topics like bullying

5. Growing Pains – The dad, Dr. Seaver is a psychiatrist and works from home so he has a lot of interactions with his kids daily. They had 3 kids with very distinctive personalities, always getting into …

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