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27 Things New Dads Should Never Say to New Moms

Congratulations, you are a dad! You just had your baby and are filled with love, fear, and every other emotion possible.  While all of the excitement (and lack of sleep) is going on, you’ll want to remember to think before you speak.  Of course you wouldn’t intentionally say anything to bother or hurt your wife.  However just because you didn’t intend evil, doesn’t mean it’s ok to say.  Here at Dudes To Dads we wanted to provided a little advice on what you shouldn’t say to a new mom.  If you need further explanation of these, listen to the Dudes To Dads Podcast Episode 21 which covers these.  We also have created the list of 25 Things You Should Never Say To Your Kids

Here are 27 Things New Dads Should Never Say to New Moms:

1. Can I get a little privacy here?
2. That’s a mom’s job
3. What did you do all day?
4. Are we eating this for dinner again?
5. Stop Worrying!
6. Why is this house so messy?
7. Where is the/my ________?
8. Why didn’t you _____?
9. Can’t you stop the baby from crying?
10. It’s your turn to change the diaper
11. Honey, you go out, I’m happy to babysit
12. I think I’m too tired to help with the baby tonight
13. Must be nice hanging out with the baby all day
14. You Look tired
15. Why don’t we start formula feeding
16. I can’t remember the last time we had sex
17. The kid will be fine
18. Are you going to take a shower?
19. When are you going to lose that baby weight?
20. I’m a bit busy today, can you run some errands for me?
21. Can you believe your mom said ______
22. You are not doing that right?
23. Why are there no clean clothes?
24. You are taking another nap?
25. BTW, I’m going to be golfing all day tomorrow morning
26. You bought what?
27. How much was that?

Of course you haven’t said anything during this precious time that you later regretted.  However if you did or you know someone else who said something they shouldn’t have, feel free to contact us with your input.

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