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39 Life Hacks for Dads – Tips and Tricks for Fathers – Dudes to Dads Ep 49

Life hacks are shortcuts to make things easier in your life.  In this episode 49, the guys provide 39 Life Hacks for Dads.  These are tips and tricks that fathers can use to make their lives just a little easier with their kids.

  1. Going to a public place and scared to lose your kid?  Put a sticker or tape on your child that has your phone number – If you are going to public place
  2. Need organization in the car for kids stuff?  Tie a shoe caddy on the back of your car seat to hold dolls, games, etc.
  3. Children can’t reach the sink to wash their hands?  Either get a stool or cut a shampoo bottle and to extend the faucet
  4. Avoid kids hands getting messy with a popsicle – use a muffin cup to prevent dirty hands
  5. Need a door stopper – use a pool noodle
  6. Ladder for bunk bed uncomfortable – use a pool noodle
  7. Springs on a trampoline too dangerous when exposed, wrap them with a pool noodle
  8. Always losing bibs, can’t find them for meal time? Put a hook on the back of the high chair
  9. Don’t want to have your child interupt your video game?  Give them a fake controller that is not connected
  10. Having trouble with kids helping sweep up?  Put an area of colored tape and have the child sweep into the area – Make it a game
  11. Trouble getting your daughter’s hair into a ponytail? Use a vacuum
  12. Bath the baby in a laundry basket in the bathtub so toys stay close
  13. Use vinegar on burns – prevent blisters and ease the pain
  14. Use a lint roller in your play room or craft room to pick up glitter or other small pieces
  15. For those in hot places, use a small spray bottle to avoid hot seat buckles
  16. Keep kids from locking themselves in a bathroom, put a rubber band around both door knobs.  Much cheaper than baby safety devices
  17. Prevent kids from using too many cups, add magnets to the back of cups
  18. Put a few drop of paint inside a ziplock bag and let your baby or child paint away
  19. Too much soap coming out of the dispenser, add a rubber band to the nozzle
  20. Kids always putting their shoes on the wrong feet, cut a sticker (like with a super hero on it) and put each half inside the shoe
  21. Reduce splinter pain, add baking soda and water, the baking soda will push the splinter out
  22. Add a little salt and water to apples and they will look fresh all day (can also use lemon juice)
  23. Crayon remover, WD-40 removes crayon stains
  24. Child has trouble holding a pencil, put a tissue in the last two finder and have them hold it
  25. Also can use a rubber band around the pencil and their wrist
  26. Scratches on shoes, crayons or markers will cover it up
  27. Markers also work on some flooring
  28. Permanant marker on wooden furniture, use toothpaste
  29. Need to clean up a room?  Try an egg timer to race against the clock
  30. Need to get rid of the pacifier?  Cut a small piece off each time the child uses it
  31. Use an inflatable pool to keep your baby enclosed and safe
  32. Need to keep baby food to last for the week?  Put them in ice trays
  33. Use the dishwasher to clean shoes, toys, and hats.
  34. kids using too much toilet paper?  Male a “Do not Pass” sign to guide the length of the toilet paper.
  35. Put a safety spot on your car where the child hand is to go while they are waiting for you
  36. Poke a hole through the bottom of a plastic cup and use it to hold a sparkler at 4th of july
  37. Put a crib sheet over the top of a playpen being used outside, also provides shade
  38. Put a strip of glue from a glue gun on the bottom of their shoes to prevent slipping
  39. Getting kids clothes mixed up?  Put a colored dot or initials on the tag

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