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55 Tips for New Dads – The Ultimate Guide For New Fathers – Ep 93

For episode 93, we offer 55 Tips For New Dads. You don’t have to go on this journey without information. Study these tips and be prepared for the road ahead of you.

1. Get sleep when you can
2. Talk about expectations before the baby arrives – expectations for the baby and each other
3. Buy butt paste for the baby – Use it at every changing
4. Put your baby at an angle, not flat….while sleeping, resting, eating
5. You may have trouble bonding with the baby for a while…could be months.
6. Go on dates with your wife – You or she mnay not even want to, but do it anyway
7. Always have wipes handy
8. Always carry an extra diaper, or two
9. Join a dad’s group such as Dudes To Dads – talk about issues you are facing
10. Hold your child as much as you can
11. Don’t judge her day against yours if she stays home with the baby – You will not win
12. When your child smiles at you for the first time, you won’t believe how amazing it feels
13. When they say “dad” or “dadda” for the first time, you’ll wish you could bottle up how that feels. It’s even better than the smile.
14. Get to know your pediatrician – You will probably be calling them a few times even when you don’t need to
15. If people want to give you used clothing take it. They grow out of things so fast.
16. Try to get yourself in the pictures and video with your kids – We often take pictures and videos of them but try to get yourself in the shot. It’s much more meaningful down the road.
17. Create memories rather than getting gifts
18. Don’t be afraid to go places with the baby
19. You won’t believe how many diapers you can go through in a single day.
20. Attend parenting classes – They provide a huge amount of information to help you
21. Always have snacks with you
22. Always have extra formula
23. Always have a change of clothes for the child
24. Always bring an extra pacifier (if they use one)
25. Toilet paper roll in the trunk of car
26. Bring their favorite toy or stuffed animal
27. Everything takes longer with a baby – Be careful of over scheduling
28. Don’t call it babysitting – It’s YOUR child
29. If it’s a boy, expect to get peed on
30. You will completely mess up many times – on so many things, changing, bathing, feeding
31. Get a lightweight car seat / stroller combination for ease of transport
32. They love motion – Whether a swing, riding in the car, etc. They all seem to love motion
33. “Is the baby sleeping through the night” will be asked over and over again by various friends and family members. Just smile and say “we are getting there”.
34. Be really nice to your wife – Some days this may be hard, do it anyway
35. Create a schedule for you, mom, and baby
36. Decide who is responsible for what – Make a chart
37. Babies (and toddlers and children) like schedules. Try to stick to one without driving yourself or those around you crazy.
38. There will be times when you will doubt your ability to be a father. Take a deep breath and know it is perfectly normal to feel that way and you are awesome!
39. The expression “it goes by so fast” is actually really true, it just doesn’t seem like it when your baby is crying
40. Just know that ages 2-4 are really really hard, they just are. The more you can learn to be patient, not take things personal, and take everything in stride, the better off you will be.
41. Your baby or toddler is going to really piss you off – don’t take it personally
42. Childproofing is a real thing. Don’t go crazy but be aware when your baby starts crawling, they will go everywhere.
43. When family or friends offer to watch your kids, let them
44. When family or friends offer if they can do anything, let them
45. They don’t need a ton of toys
46. If you do get toys and they have sounds, try to get ones with an off switch, volume control, or at least a sound you can tolerate for hours at a time
47. Have extra batteries handy
48. If you listen to songs or watch TV, your child will want to want to listen or watch the same thing over and over and over and over and over again. Seriously, and again.
49. Don’t wake a sleeping baby – let them sleep
50. You think they understand you but they often don’t really understand
51. There will be an insane amount of laundry to do. You won’t believe how many clothes a small human can go through
52. Spend alone time with the baby – for bathing, feeding, whatever.
53. You will not be a perfect parent and that’s ok.
54. Spend extra time with your family – Nobody on their deathbed ever said “I should have spent more time at the office”
55. What works for someone else, may not work for you – find what works for you and your family

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