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Alan Thicke, America’s Favorite TV Dad, Dies at 69


Alan Thicke, best known for his role as Jason Seaver on the sitcom “Growing Pains,” passed away on Dec. 13, reportedly while playing hockey with his youngest son.

Thicke was known for both his “classic American dad” role as well as his real life fathering legacy – his role as dad to Robin, Brennan and Carter Thicke. Through multiple interviews and two hilarious books on fatherhood, Thicke has shown that through it all, love for your children is what matters. And maybe a little bit of humor along the way.

Coincidentally, I host a weekly podcast called “Dudes To Dads“. In doing research for a future show, I wanted to get some advice tips from famous people who are dads. Alan Thicke was really the first person that came to mind. I sent him a tweet from my @DadUniv account on Monday, December 12 and he replied that evening.

In a last bit of fathering advice, Alan Thicke tweeted to me at @DadUniv, “Love… then love some more,” answering my ask for his single best piece of dad advice.

Simple isn’t it? Love them with all you have. Love them over and over again. I think this simple piece of last fathering advice from America’s favorite dad is the most important piece of advice you need to be a successful dad. What a beautiful legacy to leave to the world.

He will be greatly missed. Our hearts and prayers are with his family.

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