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Card Games, Long Car Rides, School Uniforms Debate, Affection Issues – Dudes To Dads Ep 43
We kick off the episode with Stuff to Do.  In Stuff To Do, we suggest playing good, old school card games with your kids.  Although Jason tells the story of teaching  his kids blackjack, we are suggesting to stick with traditional family friendly games such as Crazy eights, Go Fish, Old Maid, War, Memory, Rummy, etc.  We then move into a discussion about long car rides in The Battlefield.  Kids will complain and whine the entire trip.  Traffic, being hungry, and having to go to the bathroom can ruin a potentially good trip.  One suggestion from Jason is to begin the vacation as soon as you get into the car.  This mentally helps you relax (a little) versus being in a hurry in order to get there and relax.

Jason offers these tips for surviving long car rides:

– Travel heavy – pack lots of toys and entertainment
– Make frequent stops
– Try to avoid traffic
– Go at a time when they may be able to sleep

In SuperCharge, we introduce a Snack/activity tray for the car  This is perfect for allowing the kids to do thing and eat while you are driving.   We then dive into a Dad’s Debate by discussing whether public schools should have school uniforms.  Alan begins against it but later begins to understand some of the points Jason brings up and “almost” agrees.  We read an email from Morgan in Alberta, Canada for the Mailbag segment.  He has a little difficulty being affectionate toward his 8 year old son.  We basically tell him to get over it and do it anyway.  Your son needs it and so do you.   For Dad’s homework, we suggest going on a one on one date with your child.  If you have more than one child, schedule individual dates with each one.  Doing someone fun and give them your full attention.  We close out the episode with a Quote of the Day: “My children’s laughter is my favorite sound! The sound of their deep breathing when I know they’re asleep is a close second.”


Welcome & Intros (0:00) – Recording during the day, welcome more listeners from around the world.

Stuff To Do (4:21) – Teach your child to play cards

The Battlefield (9:00) – Long car rides

SuperCharge (17:06) – Snack/activity tray for the car

Dad’s Debate (19:56) – Should public schools have uniforms?

Mailbag (30:32) – Affection with son is awkward, what should I do?

Dad’s Homework (36:09) – Go on a dad date with your kids individually

Quote of the Day (39:41) – from Someecards

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