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Cleaning, Going to the Library, Feelings Bingo, Why Women Fall in Love, Compliments – Dudes To Dads Podcast Ep 12

For episode 12 we begin with the Battlefield.  The topic for this Battlefield is getting your kids to clean.  Jason expressed his frustration with this topic and invited experts to contact the Dudes to Dads with any solutions.  We then discussed a bingo game called Berenstain Bears Keep Your Cool Game.  This is recommended for ages 5-10. It teaches kids how to distract themselves, understand their feelings, solve problems, and more. Then in Light Here Fire, we heard Dr. Ellen with her famous quote “Women fall in love because of the way they feel about themselves when they are with you.”  We then provided Dad’s Homework in which you are supposed to compliment your woman for no reason.  Do it at a random time and say something about how you love her.  We finished out Episode 12 with the Quote of the Day which was by Robert Orben.


Welcome and intro (0:00)

The Battlefield (4:38) – Cleaning, how to get kids to clean up

Stuff to Do (11:11) – Go to the local library

SuperCharge (14:23) – Berenstain Bears Keep Your Cool Game

Light Her Fire (19:01) – Women fall in love because of the way they feel about themselves when they are with you.

Dad’s Homework (23:46) – Compliment your woman for no reason.

Quote of the Day (26:13) – Quote by Robert Orben…

Clothing Battles, Joke Books, Tickle Monster, Opposites Attract – Dudes to Dads Podcast Ep 11

In this episode, we start with a quote by Harry S. Truman.  We then go into the Battlefield and discuss kids clothing choices and specifically talk about the desire of many children to wear costumes EVERYDAY.   Do we really need to care?  During that segment, Jason also shares his appreciation for Susie Walton, and her Joy of Parenting classes. We suggest buying a children’s joke book in Stuff To Do and then in SuperCharge talk about the book The Tickle Monster and how laughter is so great, especially a child’s laugh. Our Light Her Fire segment is about opposites attracting and we close with Dad’s Homework, offering an alternative to always giving your kids advice.


Welcome and intro (0:00)

Quote – by Harry S. Truman (4:30)

Battlefield – Clothes, wearing costumes (5:43)

Stuff To Do – Children’s joke book (12:13)

SuperCharge – The Tickle Monster Book (14:43)

Light Her Fire – Opposites attract (17:02)

Dad’s Homework – Instead of giving your kid advice, ask them what they want (19:56)…

Dudes To Dads Meetup in Encinitas 05.12.15 – Recap

We had a great meetup last night.  We had 3 new dads attend for the first time with a total of 10 dads attending.  As we usually do, we started out with going over the rules of the group and then did introductions.  Our introductions include our name, the name of our children, and something significant that happened in the last 3 weeks (since the last meetup).  It’s always great to catch up with the other dads.

I introduced a new book called: Love is Letting Go of Fear.  I was really drawn to this book and it’s philosophy.  I read it within 1 day as the book has some incredible advice that can be applied to all of our daily lives.  I look forward to doing some more of the practices in the book.

One of the dads brought up the topic of needing to always do activities when not working.  It was strange for him to have a weekend day in which there was not multiple events or appointment.  A lot of the dads brought up their own views  on it.  While some dads agree that being busy feels like “living” other dads like the idea of staying home sometimes and doing “nothing”or just spending quality time with the kids at home.

It was a great meetup filled with discussion.  If you are in the San Diego area and interested in joining our next meetup on  June 2, visit and signup.…

Making Forts, Budget Date Nights, Moonjar, Negative Statements – Dudes to Dads Podcast Ep 10

After our intro and welcome statements, we begin Episode 10 with Stuff To Do in which we discuss making forts with your kids.  The kind of forts made out of sheets, pillows, etc.  While the process of building the fort is fun, hanging out inside the fort can be a great experience for you and your kids.  We then read and answer an email question from Tony of New York who asks how to go out on date night with a limited budget. For SuperCharge we discuss the Moonjar Classic Moneybox: Save, Spend, Share .  You can follow the link and help support our podcast when you purchase it.  We then share a clip from Light Her Fire about viewing your spouse in a positive way rather than negative.  We then give dad’s some homework of viewing your kids in a positive way. We close out the episode with a quote.


Welcome and intro (0:00)

Stuff to Do – Make a Fort (5:50)

Mailbag – How do I go out on a date with my wife on a limited budget? (9:22)

SuperCharge – Moonjar Classic Moneybox: Save, Spend, Share (12:36)

Light Her Fire – Viewing Positive vs. Negative (17:59)

Dad’s Homework – Turn 3 negative statements about your kids into positives (24:22)

Quote of the Day – Sold Out ice cream truck (27:50)…

Cooking With Kids, Dining Out with Kids, Cool Dad Gear, Date Night Formula – Dudes to Dads Podcast Ep 9

We start off this episode with Stuff to Do.  An idea is to include your kids when you are cooking.  They love to help and be involved.  We then answer an email with a listener asking about what to do when bringing kids to a restaurant.  We then dive into SuperCharge where we discuss  We then introduce a clip from Dr. Ellen Kreidman who discusses how having a loving relationship with your spouse is the best gift you can give your kids.  This means you have to make the effort to spend time together.  We also discuss Dr. Ellen’s date night formula for a successful relationship.  As per her advice, the homework is to go out on date with your significant other.  Get dressed up, plan it, and make it special.  We then close the episode with a quote that also confirms how important the relationship of the parents is and how the kids see that.  If you want them to be in a healthy relationship, you must model that behavior.


Welcome and intro (0:00)

Stuff to Do – Cooking or Baking with Kids (3:05)

Mailbag – What to do with kids when out at a restaurant? (7:31)

SuperCharge – Cool Dad Gear (12:55)

Light Her Fire – Give your kids the best gift of all, a loving relationship with your spouse  (15:55)

Dad’s Homework – Go on a date with your spouse (22:02)

Quote of the Day – from (24:09)…

Interview With a Dad – Tantrums, Delivery Room Horror – Dudes to Dads Podcast – Ep 8

Michael, a Member of the Dudes To Dads Meetup group in Encinitas,  shares some elements about his fatherly transition, including the way he deals with tantrums as well as a delivery room horror story.  The day of the delivery of your child is exciting, emotional, and even scary.  When unexpected things happen, it can be even worse.  Can you really ever be prepared?  Most people are concerned with the woman, but of course the man is going through his own things as well.  Join Jason, Alan, and Michael as they discuss these stories and more.…

5 Financial Tips For Parents with Scott Kilian CFP – Dudes to Dads Podcast Ep 7

The Dudes To Dads Podcast welcomed special guest Scott Kilian, Certified Financial Planner.  Scott is a regular contributor to our dads meetup group in Encinitas, CA.  In this podcast, Scott shares 5 Essential Financial Tips for Parents.  Scott indicates he is a dad first and a financial planner second.  The financial tips Scott offers are very important to consider when planning for you and your family’s future.  Everyone get’s excited and interested in investment options for their children, but to even our surprise, there are things you need to do before you start investing.  Scott lays out 5 tips including:

1) There must be a commitment from both of you to do Fiancial Planning.  One of the suggestions is to switch off the family CFO role every 3 months.  He discusses why that is important.

2) Get the cash flow in check – Make a budget.  You should understand your net worth, including personal financial statements.  We discuss some ways to get these done.

3) Get out of debt – Debt is the worst killer of any financial plan.  Do everything you can to eliminate the debt first.

4) Pay yourself first – Parents get excited about setting up a 529 plan for their kids yet they have debt or no 401K.  Scott explains why this may be a bad choice.

5) You must do Contingency planning – Long term disability insurance is more important than life insurance and Scott discusses why he believes this is the case.

Join us on another informative podcast learning some financial tips along the way.…

Where Do Guys Get Parenting Advice, New Dad Challenges – Roundtable Dudes to Dads Podcast Ep 6

For this episode we introduce and explain and where the foundation of the Dudes To Dads Podcast came from.  Alan and Jason are joined by 2 dads from the local Meetup group, Scott and Nathan.  Scott provides insight as to his style of parenting which includes providing looser boundaries for his son.  Nathan shares stories about his kids and how his parenting style differs a bit from Scott. During this episode we cover some questions that relate to where to get advice, challenges faced as a new dad and pressure that is put on kids.  Jason reflects on his own childhood and how that pressure is not necessarily positive.


Where do you currently get advice? (2:12)

What were the biggest challenges you faced as a new dad? (14:30)

Why do we put pressure on our kids? (28:00)…

Should Children Share Your Bed? Family Mission Statement, Video Game Debate – Dudes to Dads Podcast Ep 5

We began Dudes to Dads Episode 5 with the mailbag and discussing children sleeping in your bed.  We then discuss transitions and talk about playgrounds or other places where kids don’t want to leave and the struggle that can cause.  Jason instructs you on how to create a family mission statement and provides homework for dads.  On SuperCharge, we learn about TagaBikes and how cool they are for both parent and child.  We debate the use of video games and learn about a 5 second compliment to give to our women.  We close Episode 5 with a quote by Jim Valvano and teaching your kids something valuable.


Welcome and intro (0:00)

Mailbag – Should children sleeping in bed with you? (6:45)

The Battlefield – Transitions for kids (12:50)

Stuff to Do – Create a family mission statement (16:34)

Dad’s Homework – Catch your child doing something positive (21:28)

SuperCharge – Bike/stroller combo (24:20)

Debate – Video games (27:27)

Light Her Fire – 5 Second Compliment (35:35)

Quote of the Day – by Jim Valvano (38:42)…

Dudes To Dads Meetup in Encinitas 03.31.15 – Recap

We welcomed 2 new members to our Dudes To Dads meetup last night last night and had a total of 8 of us attending.  The discussion was focused on finance.  Scott Kilian, a member of our group, and a Certified Financial Planner, helped us understand 5 Essential Financial Tips For Parents.…

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