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Dudes To Dads Meetup in Encinitas 03.10.15 – Recap

The meetup was hosted at a new location last night. This is the first time I tried the conference room in my office and I think it worked out well. We’ll probably continue at the new location. There were 7 of us for the gathering and for 2 of the Dads it was their first meetup with us. I typically start out with the rules, purpose, etc. so that we can all feel comfortable moving forward. We then go around the room and start the discussion with intros: name, age and names of children, and then something meaningful that has happened within the last 3 weeks (usually since the previous meetup). It’s always great to hear everyone’s input on what is meaningful in their life at the present time. New Dads also provide insight as to what made them come to the meetup and/or what do they want to get out of it.

During the intros, there is usually a situation or two that is brought up and last night was no exception. For the purpose of confidentiality, details of the discussions will not be brought up on the blog, but needless to say, the topics make for great discussion. The point of these discussions is to share experiences and insight with the hopes of helping someone else or helping yourself. When you hear guys providing feedback because they have been through similar things, it is wonderful. This is what the group is about.

One of the topics I brought up was about teaching my kids about money. There is a really cool product called the Moonjar Classic Moneybox: Save, Spend, Share that our family recently purchased. We started using it to teach our kids about saving, sharing, and spending. Now when the kids ask “Can I get XYZ?” it’s …

Introduction – Why a podcast for dads? Who is Jason? – Dudes to Dads Podcast Ep 1

Episode 1 of Dudes To Dads Podcast.  This podcast is the first recording and introduction of the show. Founder of Dudes To Dads, Jason Kreidman, explains why he started the organization as well as the podcast.  Alan Bush, the producer and Dude of the show also provides insight and feedback from the non-dad side.  How do we navigate this thing called Fatherhood?  These guys aren’t quite sure, but we all get to go along on the ride together.  They talk about parenting, relationships, and everything else about going from Dude to Dad.…

First Post – It Took Way Too Long

I looked at the date of the installation of this and it was nearly 3 years ago.  The only excuse is that I was busy being a dad, husband, boss, or whatever other role I took on.  While the idea for this site and it’s purpose was created a while ago, it wasn’t until recently that I made the committment to myself that it will be moved forward.  I now have to execute.  We are working on content for the site as well as a podcast.  We are looking forward to making this a reality.…

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