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Dudes To Dads Meetup in Encinitas 05.12.15 – Recap

We had a great meetup last night.  We had 3 new dads attend for the first time with a total of 10 dads attending.  As we usually do, we started out with going over the rules of the group and then did introductions.  Our introductions include our name, the name of our children, and something significant that happened in the last 3 weeks (since the last meetup).  It’s always great to catch up with the other dads.

I introduced a new book called: Love is Letting Go of Fear.  I was really drawn to this book and it’s philosophy.  I read it within 1 day as the book has some incredible advice that can be applied to all of our daily lives.  I look forward to doing some more of the practices in the book.

One of the dads brought up the topic of needing to always do activities when not working.  It was strange for him to have a weekend day in which there was not multiple events or appointment.  A lot of the dads brought up their own views  on it.  While some dads agree that being busy feels like “living” other dads like the idea of staying home sometimes and doing “nothing”or just spending quality time with the kids at home.

It was a great meetup filled with discussion.  If you are in the San Diego area and interested in joining our next meetup on  June 2, visit and signup.

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