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Encinitas Meetup Recap – 10.27.15

Last night we had our regular meetup in Encinitas and welcomed back some familiar faces that we hadn’t seen in a while. The participation was excellent as we had 9 dads join in the discussion.  We started off at 5:45pm as usual by going around the room and introducing ourselves, our childr’s names and ages, and something significant that has happened since the last meetup.  It was great to hear from some of the guys that we haven’t seen in a while and get updates on how they are doing.

There were some common themes throughout the discussion which included self-acceptance (allowing ourselves to appreciate who we currently are) as well as being mindful of how our communication style greatly effects the way we get along with our significant others.  All members did a great job in helping other gets clarity on their issues and provided good feedback.  We then closed out the meetup at 7:15pm.

If you are in the area and would like to join our meetup group, signup up at  Our next meetup is Tuesday,  November 17th @ 5:45pm in Encinitas.

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