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Interview with Productivity Coach Alan Brown – Part 1 – What is ADHD? – Dudes to Dads Ep 55

In epsiode 55, we welcome productivity coach Alan Brown.  Mr. Brown is the founder of ADDCrusher and CrusherTV. In the interview, we speak with him about his own history with ADHD and how he got started in this field.  We review some statistics, common myths of ADD, and aim to help adults understand that there is help.  He indicates that nearly 85% of the 7 million people with adult ADHD are undiagnosed.  This means a large amount of people are suffering and dealing with something that they don’t realize they can get help for.  Listen and learn as Mr. Brown helps us understand more about adult ADD and ADHD.

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Alan Brown

Really enjoyed the interview and so glad you guys are helping get the word out about adult ADHD, cuz there are SO MANY young men out there who don’t know they’re affected. And so many simple remedies and strategies that can help one reach his potential!!

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