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Interview with Productivity Coach Alan Brown – Part 2 – How Do You Manage ADHD? – Dudes to Dads Ep 56

We continue our conversation from Episode 55 (Part 1) with Alan Brown, creator of ADDCrusher and CrusherTV.  In this Part 2, we dive deeper into how ADHD affect dads and discuss a few tips on how men can deal with it.  There are medications, therapy, educational materials and more to help people manage various things related to ADHD.   Because there was not a lot of video/audio materials, Mr. Brown decided to create his ADDCrusher course.  This is a series of videos that include productivity hacks and shortcuts to help you manage some of the effects of ADHD.  With CrusherTV, Mr. Brown has created a weekly television show dedicated to helping people increase their productivity.  Whether you suffer from ADHD or not Mr. Brown’s programs and TV show can really benefit anyone who wants to increase their productivity.

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