Being a well rounded dad is no easy task.  The goals of most men are to be great father, great husband, great ____, etc.  Whatever fills that blank, a man wants to be great at it.  The truth is that we can’t be great at everything, all the time.  With humor, personal stories, and practical advice, Jason offers audiences an entertaining experience about the journey of fatherhood and how to navigate it. family1

Through his dad’s meetup, parenting training, and popular dad’s podcast, he began to understand that his experiences with being a dad were not unique.  These were experiences that were shared across the country and even the world.

Jason then developed the “7 Cs of Fatherhood” which are the essential ingredients in establishing a solid relationship with your children.  By following the 7Cs, dudes can become dads. Jason shares the 7Cs with his audience and offers actionable advice on how to achieve the relationship you desire with your children.

Jason is available both as a seminar instructor as well as keynote speaker.  If you are interested in having Jason as a guest at your event, please contact us.