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Why Dads Are Better Than Moms – Dudes To Dads Podcast Ep 68

Disclaimer: This entire episode is full of stereotypes, gender bias, and more. It goes against many things we typically talk about on the podcast. But it’s fun. …and to my wife: I love you.

1) Dads are better at playing – We just have more fun with kids than moms do. We like to get dirty, run, jump, or kick and throw things around.

2) Dads are better at rough housing – Activities like wrestling. A friend once said all the worlds problems can be solved by wrestling. We just enjoy it more.

3) Dads are funnier – We just are. Have you heard mom’s tell jokes? They are typically only funny to other moms. And often not that funny.

4) Dads are more relaxed – Well maybe not in my house, but in other houses they probably are.

5) Dads get the kids to listen more – While it could be the higher likelihood of louder and deeper voices (which can be scary), we prefer to think it’s just our skills and the way we communicate.

6) Dads are better at winning stuff – Going to fair and need to win a stuffed animal? Give the darts, baseballs, or water gun to dad

7) Dads are better at sound effects – As you may hear occasionally on this show, we just have a knack for making sounds with our mouths. Mom’s just don’t do that. It can be very entertaining to babies and toddlers. This also applies to character voices in books.

8) Dads are better at letting kids push their boundaries – Dads are more likely to allow their kids to be in a little more danger than mom would

9) Dads are better at skipping rocks – Heck, let’s just make this one better at throwing and kicking anything

10) Dads dramatically decrease the child’s rick of drug and alcohol use (father’s not present, child is 4 times likely to smoke)

11) Dads are better at ignoring screaming children – Masters of ignoring, dad’s can let their kids yell and scream without acknowledging them

12) Dads are better at playing video games – no explanation needed on this one

13) Dads appreciate the role more – According to a study on the Journal of Psychological Science, dads get more out of their roles as parents. In other studies, mother’s didn’t show the same boost in happiness from parenting. Could be they feel more stress from it than dads.

14) Dads fix stuff better – broken chain on your bike? need to get out the knot in a necklace? in my house even if there is a rip in the dolls clothes, I am the goto person

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